…and you drink a little too much and try a little too hard. And you go home to a cold bed and think, That was fine. And your life is a long line of fine.
Gone Girl (2014) 
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Depression is a side affect of dying
The fault in our stars (via emaloveu)
I hate the way you talk to me
And the way you cut your hair
I hate the way you drive my car
I hate it when you stare
I hate you big dumb combat boots
And the way you read my mind
I hate you so much it makes me sick
It even makes me rhyme
I hate it, I hate the way you’re always right
I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh
Even worse when you make me cry
I hate it when you’re not around
And the fact that you didn’t call
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you
Not even close
Not even a little bit
Not even at all

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You want to cry and smile, but instead you just stare and you can’t do anything.
Palo Alto (2014), Gia Coppola (via big-dipper-blah)
I’’m fun to flirt with but not to date because I’’m a psychopath.
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